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Through our traditional and robotic welding capabilities, we produce precise, consistent welds using both MIG & TIG welding.

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We've mastered the powder coating process and can offer an impressive 3-day turnaround. Our painting system is highly monitored and extensively tested to ensure a perfect powder coating finish.

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We work on almost anything including OEM parts and products, store fixtures and agricultural parts and products. Learn more about our capabilities here.

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Known for accuracy, we have perfected the forming process with our state-of-the-art machines. We use a BLM E-Turn Bender, a BLM ELECT52, a Bystronic Brake Press and more.


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IZZA takes pride in producing quality work on every product and every project, every step of the way. Our highly trained production foremen are responsible for maintaining consistent, high quality finishes on every part that we work on.

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IZZA is not only about producing exceptional products, it's about exceptional service as well. We provide warehousing of our client's products, a service that few manufacturing companies can offer.



IZZA Manufacturing has been around since 1994.


Back then, we focused specifically on high-quality powder coating. That's always been an important business for us, but we love engineering.


Engineering and building things in the USA is our passion. We love helping bring imagination to life, and turning entrepreneurs' dreams into reality.

Our owner, Scott Landgraf, has worked tirelessly to spearhead this vision. An inventor at heart, he's worked very hard to create a business helping other entrepreneurs build products, redesign and improve them and even cut costs through great quality control and warehousing.

IZZA is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and maintains a massive 66,000 square feet of production space in two buildings in Buffalo Minnesota


As an organization, we strive to meet our clients’ expectations. Top management at IZZA demonstrates its leadership and commitment by ensuring that clients’ requirements and applicable regulatory and statutory requirements are met, and risks that could affect our products and services have been addressed.


Our focus is on consistently providing client satisfaction.



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