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We have perfected the forming process with our state-of-the-art machines. Known for accuracy, our quality and turnaround time can't be beaten.


Our capabilities in bending and forming:

BLM E-Turn Bender

Our E-Turn bender is capable of up to 1.5" OD bending, and in-process right & left-hand complex bending with a fixed and/or variable radius.

This means we have the capability to bend very complex parts. (Due to the reduced size of the bending head.)

We also have the ability to simulate parts prior to production to ensure it's bendable and can set up and program the tool quickly for increased productivity and fast production compared to hydroelectric machines.


With up to 1 3/4" right-hand bending, this machine is ideal for some complex jobs where left-hand bending might not be workable.


This powerhouse bending machine can handle up to 2.25" diameter tube and 1.5" diameter square bending.

Bystronic Brake Press

This machine has a 100-ton pressing capability and can handle pieces up to 10' long. Using the ByBend software suite, it's also offline programmable.

With the highest repetition accuracy on the market, zero angle errors, snap-in tooling and a monitor showing all bends in the process, it's highly accurate, eliminating scrap. It's also quick to set up, leading to lower costs and quicker turnaround times.

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