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From our Mazak Super Turbo Laser for flat metal cutting to our BLM Lasertube for tube laser cutting, IZZA Manufacturing is fast, accurate and efficient. We work on almost anything, including OEM parts and products, store fixtures and agricultural parts and products.

Mazak Super Turbo X510 Mark II

We can cut steel up to 0.5" thick with a 5' x 10' bed with this laser. Our auto load/unload capability lets us process parts 24/7, giving us a lightning-fast turnaround time. 

We also maintain a large stock of steel inventory on hand for quick turnaround.

Job routers organize parts by gauge/material type at the flat laser, and we can nest together several part numbers out of each piece of steel to keep from wasting steel, keeping production times low and keeping your costs lower.

BLM Lasertube LT722

Our tube laser has a 5" OD & 27' laser capacity.

With fast programming with changeovers in less than 3 minutes, jobs are done well, quickly.


This laser system features fully automatic tube handling from the bundle (including measuring, feeding, cutting & unloading) and fully CNC programmable adjustments.

At 3-4 times faster than our previous tube laser, our investment in this system has been another part of our effort to finish jobs quicker than other manufacturing shops.

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