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Our powder coating includes one of the top pre-treatment lines around with an extensive washing system. Our painting system is highly monitored and extensively tested to ensure a perfect powder coating finish. We've mastered the powder coating process and can offer an impressive 3-day turnaround.

Wash System

We use an 8 stage washing system with on-line acid descaling. Our entire wash system filled with reverse osmosis water to ensure the part is clean before paint is applied.


We also have on-line laser edge residue removal for a clean finish and a great looking end product.

Eurotec Cyclone Powder Booth

Our Eurotec systems can prime and topcoat in a single pass, saving time and production costs. (2 roll-on/roll off Eurotec booths)

The system is capable of coating large parts up to 46in x 72in x 120in. It also has rapid color and/or clear coat changeover capability, allowing us to finish jobs more quickly.

We also can provide plastic or rubber coating, and even an optional back-to-back zinc-based corrosion resistant prime coat

Our entire paint system is monitored with ChemOps computer monitoring software, and has been extensively tested with Johnson Outdoors, ADC and is JD Certified. (Passed salt spray testing of 3000 hours with prime & topcoat.)

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